How Double Amputee, Brian Reynolds, Pushes His Limits and Dreams Big

Brian Reynolds is a double amputee distance runner from Northern New Jersey who has faced numerous challenges throughout his life, but has never let them stop him from achieving his goals.

Despite growing up with prosthetic technology that wasn’t very advanced, he was determined to figure out how to run and ended up completing a marathon after only a few months of running.

Brian’s journey from not being able to walk a mile to running a marathon has inspired him to push his limits and challenge himself to do things he never thought possible. He believes in the power of gratitude and not taking for granted the ability to run.

He also believes in the importance of setting goals and pushing oneself to reach the finish line, no matter the challenges.

In 2023, he’s taking on 4 big objectives:

  1. The Boston Marathon (going for a PR!)
  2. Climbing Aconcagua (highest mountain in South America and part of the Seven Summits)
  3. Climbing Kilimanjaro (highest mountain in Africa and part of the Seven Summits)
  4. Running the Leadville 100 (his first ultra and his first trail race!)

Brian teaches us to dream big, not be scared of new challenges, and to keep pushing the limits of the human body forward.

Listen to his full episode here: