About this episode

Martin Hehir is a professional runner, a dad and husband, medical student and much more.

In this episode, we talked about:

  • his first run
  • getting more into running in high school
  • the process of getting better
  • what he loves about training
  • The Marathon Project 
  • what success means to him
  • “stubborn perseverance”
  • the meaning of “Die first, then quit”
  • exploring limits
  • being a parent/husband, medical student and pro runner
  • balance
  • pro tips for being a dad who runs a lot
  • what he knows now that he wishes he knew earlier
  • vaccines (and all his colleagues getting it)
  • self comparison and the downsides
  • meeting yourself where you are right now
  • what’s next for him
  • and much more!

Follow along with Marty’s adventures at https://twitter.com/mardy_hehir and www.instagram.com/marty10khehir

Cover photo: Justin Britton

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