About this episode

Kay Martin is a runner and founder of BOCO Gear. She used to say she was a student of the industry and full of passion and all those other adjectives.

In this episode, we talked about:

  • why she called herself a fake athlete
  • her background in running and endurance
  • getting into the outdoor industry
  • being a female in a male dominated industry
  • starting her own brand, BOCO Gear
  • challenges in 2020
  • innovation and pressure
  • new lines of business that were unimaginable before
  • what she knows know she wishes she knew back then
  • goals for 10+ years out
  • and much more!

This podcast is brought to you by BOCO Gear, a Boulder based custom headwear company company named after Boulder, Colorado.

BOCO Gear was founded by kay Martin and born out of her learnings during her more than 25 year career in the outdoor industry.

If you’ve been running trail or ultra races for the last few years, there’s a pretty high chance you own a BOCO hat or two.

I have almost a dozen BOCO hats and they’re definitely my favorite headwear, and early in the pandemic they even started producing high quality face masks!

Check them out at BOCOgear.com. There’s a style for everyone!