About this episode

Emilia Benton is a  freelance journalist writing about running, health and fitness, an avid  runner, wife and dog mom, twin with her sister Carla, and proud Latina and Houstonian.

In this episode we talked about:

  • the New York running scene
  • running her first marathon in college
  • getting hooked on the marathon
  • the goal of qualifying for Boston
  • appreciating opportunities
  • training in the heat and humidity of Houston
  • seeking out diverse spaces and belonging
  • career moves and relocating
  • taking the leap of going freelance
  • pitching to Runners World
  • overtraining and obsession
  • building relationships and relating to others
  • being vulnerable and sharing in the struggles
  • persisting in running, work, and in life
  • shooting your shot
  • overcoming imposter syndrome and self doubt
  • self-advocacy and knowing your own value
  • the power of representation in all spaces: work, athletics, academia, business, media, leadership positions, and more
  • highlighting untold stories
  • lessons from the marathon

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