About this episode

Kate Grace is a middle-distance track athlete running faster than ever later in her career. She is a new Boulder resident and member of Team Boss.

In this episode we talk about:

  • being a part of Team Boss
  • not taking yourself too seriously
  • turning off from running
  • the Boulder bubble
  • handling disappointment at the US Olympic trials
  • Kate Grace’s summer revenge tour
  • staying in the moment
  • the flaws of perfectionism and holding running too tight
  • the dark side of peak performance
  • relationships and mentors
  • coaching conversations
  • the pursuit of progress and continual improvement
  • living with integrity and staying true to yourself
  • playing tag to running pro
  • technology breaks and social media sheep
  • not over-sharing and feeling misunderstood
  • role modelling healthy, sustainable habits on and off the run

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