About this episode

Andrea is a chiropractor, elite marathoner for Oiselle, and a dog mom. Hazel, her naughty Shiba puppy, makes her presence known with frequent interruptions, and you can follow her on Instagram @hazelraetheshiba

In this episode we talk about:

  • Andrea’s very early beginnings in running
  • college recruiting decisions
  • team spirit and looking beyond individual success
  • deciding to become a chiropractor
  • being told you would never run again to finishing a marathon, fast!
  • navigating graduate studies and running
  • Andrea’s naughty puppy Hazel!
  • qualifying for the Olympic Trials
  • body changes and a culture of disordered eating
  • the consequences of under-fuelling
  • close relationships with mentors
  • asking for help and prioritizing mental health
  • overcoming mental demons and building back stronger
  • falling in and out of love with running
  • evolving relationships with sport and self-image
  • big audacious goals
  • strong female role models and inspiring others
  • a foundation of health and support

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