About this episode

Kelly Roberts, she/ her, is a 32 year old entrepreneur, YouTuber, podcaster, running coach and jokester. She is on a mission to help others ditch diet culture and finding community and fun.

In this episode we talk about:

  • building community
  • running through grief and difficult emotions
  • overtraining, disordered eating and diet culture
  • Kelly’s first half marathon experience
  • running to overcome life’s obstacles
  • the love-hate relationship with running
  • learning about training and pacing
  • feeling accomplished and proud of your effort
  • the journey to qualifying for Boston (and failing)
  • achieving goals enjoying the process along the way
  • working through pre-defined limits and the stories we tell ourselves
  • more to running than the marathon
  • taking time off for mental health
  • the loneliness of injuries
  • the Badass Lady Gang and friendships beyond running
  • unpacking deep thoughts and inner demons
  • the human experience: similarities between elites and amateurs
  • dating and forming romantic relationships
  • body image resilience
  • sports bra squad and running representation at all sizes

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