About this episode

Holly Proulx is a super curious, adventurous learner who is between being a student and full-time worker. She highly driven, motivated and enjoys running.

In this episode we talk about:

  • the intersection between the environment and athletics
  • being a newer runner
  • starting out in trail and ultra running
  • connection in nature and on the run
  • finding yourself through tragedy and trauma
  • addiction to progress and doing more
  • exploring limits with curiosity
  • valuing life and prioritizing
  • respecting sleep and nutrition
  • planning an FKT attempt on the Colorado trail
  • forging your own path
  • daring to try something new and not settling
  • Bravey and running through grief
  • fun with food and self-acceptance
  • role models
  • finding the positivity in your situation
  • using your skills for good

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