About this episode

This week’s guest is Matt Daniels. 

Matt is a trail and ultra runner, as well as a coach. Matt has run a sub 4 minute mile, and this summer he’s taking on the hundred mile distance for the first time, after coming from a track and short distance background. Talk about range! 

Matt spent three years stationed in Japan with the US Navy. After that, he returned Stateside to run for a DII running powerhouse where he truly sharpened his speed and ran that sub 4 minute mile. 

Over the next few years, he found himself loving the trails after moving to Boulder, Colorado, where we recorded this podcast. 

We talked about the dangers of comparison and sticking to your own path, especially in a town like Boulder where the running joke is that “Boulder Average” means having a shoe sponsor. Towards the end of the episode we talked a little about mental strength and Matt’s experience with battling depression and how running helped to bring the joy back into his life.

I hope you enjoy our chat! 

Matt runs for Nike Trail, Unived Sports, Little Tree Labs, and InsideTracker. 

You can find Matt at @mattdaniels480 on Twitter and Instagram!

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