About this episode

This week’s episode is with Abby Levene.

Abby is a trail runner living in Boulder, Colorado. In this episode we talked about:

  • Abby’s dive into trail running
  • her first 50k
  • her injury earlier in 2019 and coming back healthy later in the year
  • her love for Mother Nature and the environment
  • the running community
  • running at CU Boulder and the community in Boulder
  • so much more!

You can follow her adventures at instagram.com/aplevene and twitter.com/levene_machine

The quote I butchered from Maggie Rusch’s Instagram post (discussed around 38 minutes in was: “It’s about these three questions with whatever we’re doing in life, which are: what am I doing, why am I doing it, and  is it in the highest divine alignment or alignment with my authentic blueprint—who I am—so a huge clue is what brings me joy.

If you can find that thing that gives you that feeling, spend time doing that; make sure you spend time in that joy every day as often as you can.”  

  • Julie Piatt on a brilliant throwback Rich Roll podcast

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