About this episode

This episode is with Sabrina Little! Sabrina is a wife, a soon to be mother, philosopher, and a professional runner.

In this episode, we dug into the exploration of Why. Not just Sabrina’s Why, but the process in general. 

We also talked about:

  • doing the work, and her love of the process
  • how suffering plays a part of a flourishing life
  • her ability to persevere
  • why she started running
  • what’s next after taking racing out of the equation
  • her PhD program
  • trails and life as a pro runner
  • telling her sponsors about being pregnant
  • her upcoming journey into motherhood
  • an epic mistake in her first ultra
  • more about the Why!

Follow along with Sabrina’s adventures at 

twitter.com/beaninsneakers, https://www.instagram.com/mrs.little_engine_that_could

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