About this episode

This episode is with Emma Spencer, a runner and software engineer who lives in Durham, North Carolina.

This episode was recorded on May 29th, the fourth day of protesting in Minneapolis after George Floyd’s violent murder. Normally “just” a running podcast, we dove into this right off the bat.

In this episode we also talked about:

  • how she got into running
  • her prioritizing rest/recovery and how that has helped her over the years
  • the parts of running that give her value, and what that value is
  • intrinsic vs extrinsic motivation
  • challenges with moving
  • competition, comparison and validation
  • North Carolina brewery scene
  • her least favorite style of workout
  • the 2020 Olympic Trials
  • training in 2020
  • and much more!

Follow along with Emma’s adventures at twitter.com/enspencer and instagram.com/enspencer

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