About this episode

This episode is with Wilfredo Benitez, of Portland, OR. Will is a self described passionate guy trying to do his best at helping others do their best. Will works with some of the top trail and ultra athletes in the country.

In this episode, we talked about:

  • realizing that the job he was in wasn’t his life’s passion
  • changing his career
  • his professional nutrition journey
  • getting into endurance sports with triathlon and then into ultras
  • why he loves ultras 
  • nutrition requirements for high level athletes
  • working with an athlete who has never considered making a change to their nutrition
  • working with high level athletes
  • planning to do his first hundred miler this year
  • and much more

Follow along with Will’s adventures (and nutrition tips!) at www.instagram.com/onpacewellness/

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