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199. Kelly Roberts: Building Community and Ditching Diet Culture
198. Courtney Frerichs: Mental Growth -> Physical Growth
197. Dean Karnazes: lessons learned from 30 years of trail and ultra running... and beyond!
196. Jimmy Picard: Getting back to healthy training
195. Eric Esposito: Understanding, Empathy, and Community
194. Stevie Smith: Identity and growth as an athlete and business owner
193. Nick Willis: Longevity as a runner
192. Jake Tuber: The Psychology of Performance
191. Matt Chittim: The Rambling Runner
190. Jess Broderick: Finding fulfilment and joy in the process and people
189. Sara Manderscheid: Filling up your cup and spreading joy
188. Gwen Jorgensen: exploring unknown potential
187. Andrea Toppin: Strong female role models and inspiring others
186. Kate Grace: Everything is better when you are enjoying yourself
185. Kelly Young: Show up, blow up, but then show back up.