39 episodes to get you STOKED for the Olympic Trials

After 300 episodes, we realized that we have had a lot of guests on the show that are either gearing up for or somehow involved in the Olympic Trials on the first weekend of February 2024 in Florida. So, we created a list of episodes for you to listen to and get STOKED for the event.


Episode 303. Arielle Knutson, Seattle, WA (To be released)

Episode 302. Rosa Moriello, Denver, CO

Running for a cause

Episode 301. Elena Heyday, Washington D.C.

Overcoming Marathon Fears, Oiselle Underbird

Episode 299. Carrie Verdon, Boulder, CO

Building resilience, Oiselle Underbird

Episode 298. Briana Boehmer, Boulder, CO

When The Hard Choice Is The Right Choice, Oiselle Underbird

Episode 295. Grayson Murphy, Flagstaff, AZ/Bozeman, MT

Beyond the finish line

Episode 293. Ari Hendrix

Racing, representation, and resilience, Oiselle Underbird

Episode 289. Molly Bookmyer, 

Gratitude, balancing elite running with full time job, Oiselle Underbird

Episode 261. Sara Vaughn, Boulder, CO

Back for more at Boston

Episode 260. Dakotah Lindwurm

Professional pressure and keeping running fun

Episode 228. Kara Goucher, Boulder, CO

Running looks different now. Reasons to run beyond PR’s

Episode 220. CJ Albertson, Fresno, CA

High volume training and racing

Episode 209. Sara Vaughn, Boulder, CO

Family comes first; more than just running!

Episode 202. Roberta Groner

From high school miler to masters marathoner

Episode 177. Molly Seidel, Flagstaff, AZ

It’s going to be worth it

Episode 137. Lauren Hagans, Flagstaff, AZ

A very fun job

Episode 133. Martin Hehir

“You just need to stubbornly persevere”

Episode 121. Matt Llano, Flagstaff, AZ

Growth, new perspectives, and joining a new team

Episode 119. Keira D’Amato, Richmond, VA

Keira’s bonus round of running

Episode 113. Julia Griffey 

The best thing you can be is consistent

Episode 104. Erika Kemp, Providence, RI

Proud of what she helped create

Episode 100. Sydney Gidabuday, Boulder, CO

A good opportunity under bad circumstances

Episode 82. Kelsey Bruce, Dallas, TX

Let’s taco bout tacos (and running)

Episode 76. Scott Fauble, Boulder, CO/Portland, OR

Remember to have fun

Episode 75. Vanessa Fraser, San Francisco, CA

Trust the process

Episode 60. Aliphine Tuliamuk, Flagstaff, AZ

Running on gratitude

Episode 52. Lou Serafini, Boston, MA

Helping others find joy in running

Episode 45. Grayson Murphy, Flagstaff, AZ/Bozeman, MT

Follow your arrow wherever it points

Episode 40. Kellyn Taylor, Flagstaff, AZ

Chasing the Olympic dream

Episode 39. Sara Hall, Flagstaff, AZ

Running fast and taking chances

Episode 37. Lindsay Flanagan, Boulder, CO

From Chicago to Boulder, and beyond

Episode 35. Noah Droddy, Boulder, CO

A (really fast) blue collar runner

Episode 34. Kara Goucher, Boulder, CO

An Olympian Tackling New Adventures

Episode 33. Reed Fischer, Boulder, CO

Tinman Elite and Marvel Comics

Episode 29. Reid Buchanan

Sharing the road towards excellence

Episode 26. Neely Spence Gracey, Boulder, CO

Life on the run in CO

Episode 2. Allie Kieffer, Austin, TX

Body positivity and staying authentic


Flannery Davis Love, Boulder, CO

Why do we do hard things? (YouTube video)

Jenny Simpson, Boulder, CO

Why do we do hard things? (YouTube video)

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