Finding Your Fun

I’ve run a lot of easy miles with Gwen Jorgensen. Mostly 8’s, many 7’s, and even some 9 minute miles.

But as I told Pat Lemeiux as I ran by, today was the first day we’ve ever run a hard effort together.

It’s so cool to see the work that goes into excellence. The day in and day out consistency, minor hiccups, and a focus on fun. This is Gwen’s return to triathlon after baby #2 and while I barely knew her prior to Stan/baby #1, I can tell she’s in a different place and has such an inspiring relationship with training and goal chasing.

She’s raising the bar for what’s possible as a mom and high performing athlete, and doing it while clearly having the time of her life.

I saw a tweet yesterday that said:

Hot take for the day: Including fun in your exercise routine is 10x better than any motivational quote you’ll read on the internet.

Now find your fun.