Motivation Follows Action

Motivation follows action.

It’s not the other way around. I’m surrounded by a lot of great athletes and have noticed many commonalities, one of them being the fact that they’re not always motivated all the time.

The best athletes are the best at being remarkably consistent and doing the work when conditions are less than ideal or when motivation is waning.

There’s a difference between pushing too hard and burning yourself out, and getting out the door in less than optimal conditions. As David Roche said, “if we wait for the perfect context, we’ll spend a lot of time waiting.

Today I got out the door and promised to give myself a chance. I’ve been up and down a lot lately and really just desiring consistency and hitting a groove again. Today was a big step in the right direction.

I ran fourish flowy miles into the wind, and turned around and ripped off a 5k on the way back.

Outdoorphins flowing.
Keep. Showing. Up. 🤗