PUMA Pro Panel at the 2023 Boston Marathon

We’ve been so excited to partner with PUMA for a few reasons beyond loving their gear. First reason is that they are committed to becoming more sustainable. The shoes I’ve been running in are made of at least 20% of recycled materials in them.

Second, they’ve been supporting awesome athletes and really care about the running community, and it shows through who they sponsor and what events they’re supporting.

Third, they’re just awesome to work with. The running industry is big, sometimes messy, and sometimes you can come across folks who aren’t great to work with. PUMA has been the opposite. They’ve been collaborative, supportive, and just downright fun to work with overall.

So, when they asked us to partner to produce a panel at their exclusive 2023 Boston Marathon event at the Harpoon brewery, we were psyched. We got to sit down with 5 incredible PUMA athletes (Sara Vaughn, Dakotah Lindwurm, Annie Frisbie, Hendrik Pfeiffer, and Edna Kiplagat) and hear about their journeys to Boston and also why they are excited to be working with PUMA specifically

You can find the full panel here or wherever you prefer to listen to podcasts.