The Concept of Healthspan

“Show off!”

An older guy out for a walk shouted this to me as I ran by. I laughed and thought about how he is in fact, the one showing off.

Running in Florida

I was down in Florida hanging with my soon-to-be 85-year-old grandma for a few days. She spent a week parading around Colorado last fall, and we had plans to head out for a walk later.

The night before, I turned her on to Peter Attia and Andrew Huberman and the concept of healthspan (vs longevity). We were talking about the quality of life versus “getting old.” She’s all about doing what you love for longer (being active, traveling, etc) and feels that when it’s her time, it’s her time, and doesn’t want to have years and years of discomfort.

It’s why we do what we do at InsideTracker; to help people live healthier and longer. We’ve discussed at length the idea of healthspan vs longevity, and I am so proud that as the calendar turns, I’m still just as stoked about what I get to do for work as I was in 2014, and maybe even more excited, if I dare say so.

So back to the guy who I ran by earlier, he might be 50 years my senior and he’s still out there getting after it and moving his body.

Talk about goals.