About this episode

Dana Bogan is a runner, fitness instructor and social worker in Boston, MA.

Dana’s a friend I’ve known for over five years and it has been a pleasure to watch her grow over that time.

In this episode, we talked about:

  • why she started running
  • being from an interracial couple
  • going from short distance to long distance
  • the pressure she feels related to running and racing -“what does running mean to you?”
  • her relationship with community
  • life as a social worker
  • mental health and the stigmas around it
  • depression and related thoughts
  • some of her amazing messages on instagram
  • her initial apprehension for doing the podcast
  • her racing goals (they’re a bit different yet AWESOME)
  • some of her role models and biggest supporters
  • success
  • and so much more

Follow along with Dana’s adventures at instagram.com/strength.soul.sarcasm

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