About this episode

Nickademus De La Rosa is a trail runner and coach living in Sedona, Arizona.

In this podcast, we dove deep into mental health, therapy and also talked about suicide.

We also talked about:

  • having heart surgery in 2018
  • borderline personality disorder and how it impacts him
  • shame and self-loathing
  • chasing the hardest events and why
  • his relationship with running
  • understanding that relationships and ultrarunning were what he defined worth by
  • gratitude
  • what “you are enough” means to Nick
  • why he got out of bed today
  • destigmatizing therapy
  • his motivation for talking about therapy and mental health
  • running as a part of therapy but not the only form of therapy
  • his role models and how they’ve changed
  • and much more

Follow along with Nick’s journey at https://www.instagram.com/ultrademus

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