About this episode

Andie Cozzarelli is a pro runner for Oiselle, Generation UCAN, Jasyoga, Big Spoon Roasters, InsideTracker, and the newly formed Raleigh Distance Project, that she helped to create. In addition to running, Andie is a former engineer turned real estate appraiser.

Andie’s been a runner for nearly 15 years, and has learned a lot over that time. Andie is all about the community aspect of running, and joining Oiselle’s Haute Volee team in 2015 helped to kick start that. 

In this episode, we talked about the Andie’s community focus, her health journey over the last few years, and what keeps her excited about running.

We sat down while she was in Boston for the marathon, so please forgive us if we still seem to have a second hand runners high or a lack of a voice from too much cheering!

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