About this episode

Christine Yu is a runner and freelance journalist who covers sports, science and health for Outside Magazine, Women’s Running, Women’s Health, Washington Post and many more. She lives in New York, is a mom of two boys and is working on her first book!

In this episode, we talked about:

  • her interest in science and the human body
  • her plans to go to med school and where it changed
  • her start as a journalist 
  • writing at the intersection of sports and sports science
  • taking chances along the way
  • why she runs
  • therapy
  • feeling like she has a chip on her shoulder… and why
  • burnout
  • how she manages with imposter syndrome
  • what she knows now that she wishes she knew earlier
  • patience and consistency
  • and much more!

Follow along with her running and writing at https://twitter.com/cyu888 and https://www.instagram.com/cyu888/

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