About this episode

This week’s guest is Teri of a Foodie Stays Fit, which is her blog all about food and fitness.

Teri was born and raised in Utah and now lives in North Carolina. She’s run a handful of marathons, and we spoke on Wednesday after the Boston Marathon, so that’s why I might sound a little horse! 

Teri wrote in her journal when she was 21 that one of her life goals was to qualify for Boston. At the time, she was running 11 minute miles, and over the years, she got closer and closer to making it happen, and eventually did. She has now run Boston twice! We talked about some of her tips for finding enjoyment and fun in the process, even if you’re far away from your goal.

Teri just left corporate america after 13 years to run her own business. We dug into this, taking risks, and her take on balance.

We also talked about how important racing something like a 5k can be, for the lessons you can learn in running and in life in general.

You can find Teri on Instagram at @AFoodieStaysFit

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