About this episode

Rachel is human lucky enough to live in Flagstaff, Arizona. She is a professional athlete, lover of running, Olympian, Georgetown Alum, SuperCoffee investor, and cheerleader of so many.

In this episode we talked about:

  • listening to your heart
  • having a non traditional path to professional running post-college
  • taking days off to rejuvenate and recover
  • running for the love of it
  • liberating yourself from the outcome
  • the practice of keeping joy in the process
  • gratitude for the daily grind
  • slowing down and being still
  • disconnecting and turning inwards
  • investing in SuperCoffee
  • the evolution of brand-athlete partnerships
  • being more than “just an athlete”
  • Rachel’s approach to social media
  • being good at running vs good at social media
  • the Olympic experience
  • calling Flagstaff home
  • the energy of people pursuing excellence
  • a community of growth
  • balancing a life outside of elite running
  • evolving success with authenticity and connectivity
  • sharing the journey and bringing others along for the ride

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