About this episode

Carolyn Highland is a writer, teacher, outdoor enthusiast, trail runner, back-country skier and self-professed amateur dabbler in many things. Fun fact: Carolyn and Jonathan went to the same elementary school!

In this episode we talked about:

  • always trying to have fun all of the time
  • pursing a love of the outdoors
  • doing things you thought you couldn’t do
  • pushing past limits
  • adventure
  • challenges in running preparing you for life
  • avoiding the comparison trap by staying present and focusing on the process
  • snack breaks and hill climbs
  • enduring in running and beyond
  • writing to connect with others
  • dialing in and slowing down for opportunities in the here and now
  • choosing to have fun
  • the practice of gratitude and staying present
  • therapy and mental health
  • overcoming disordered relationships with food and exercise  
  • feeling connected to your past and future selves
  • treating your body as a gift and not a punishment
  • taking things in chunks, mile by mile
  • easy is overrated, the lows make the highs sweeter
  • staying true to yourself and serving other people along the way

You can find her writing at https://www.carolynhighland.com/

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