About this episode

This is a special, three part episode from Endeavorun (this is part two), a running retreat that happened in Boulder in August 2021. The panel was led by Jake Tuber, with Olympian Kate Grace, writer Matt Fitzgerald, podcaster Jason Fitzgerald, and sports dietitian Lydia Nader. 

Part one of the conversation can be found on Jason’s podcast called Strength Running, and part three can be found on Matt’s podcast called 80/20 Endurance Podcast.

Find part one on the Strength Running Podcast hosted by Jason Fitzgerald

Find part three on the 80/20 Endurance podcast hosted by Matt Fitzgerald and Hanna Hunstad

In this episode we talked about:

  • impactful coaching conversations
  • showing up, levelling up, and bouncing back
  • attributes of effective coaches
  • loving the lifestyle
  • the process being greater than the outcome
  • trusting your body in training, nutrition, and beyond
  • allowing yourself to succeed
  • facing reality is hard
  • doing things you’re afraid of
  • acceptance

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