About this episode

Anthony is more than, in his words, just a regular average Joe. He is a mountain, trail and ultra runner who loves challenging races, a restaurant worker, nature lover, and member of the Boulder outdoor community.

In this episode we talked about:

  • running long and running steep
  • growing up an unlikely runner
  • making big health and fitness changes
  • running for a better life
  • focusing on the moment
  • winning races
  • the allure of the 100mile race distance
  • mentorship and learning from others
  • goal setting
  • time on feet versus mileage
  • redefining limits and facing fears
  • happy running
  • racing Ouray 100 miler
  • problem solving on the run
  • finding success in the training process
  • community and spreading joy
  • taking pride in his Asian American identity

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