About this episode

Tommie is a dad, husband, and runner, Tommie is also sober. His identity is continuing to evolve as he looks to positively influence those around him.

In this episode we talked about:

  • Tommie’s sobriety journey
  • being more than just your accomplishments
  • taking on new challenges
  • falling in love with the process
  • finish line feelings
  • family and community
  • going all in and taking big risks
  • relating to others and sharing in the struggle
  • therapy and asking for help
  • how the training process parallels the work of staying sober
  • one thing at a time, mile by mile, step by step
  • lessons learnt from times of struggle and suffering
  • limits and doing the impossible
  • storytelling and influence
  • meditation and sitting still
  • freedom to live the best version of your life
  • Tommie’s path to veganism
  • run eat sleep repeat

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