About this episode

Alex is a mountain athlete from the Midwest now residing in Oregon, a dog mom, and a dietitian.

In this episode we talk about:

  • reasons to run, the good and the bad
  • Alex’s changing relationship with food and running
  • disordered eating in sport
  • finding joy on the run
  • connecting with nature
  • being humbled by ultra distances
  • opening up the mind to growth and adventure
  • respecting the mental side of running  
  • anxiety and comparison on the run and on social media
  • the support of therapy and coaching
  • belonging and being “enough”
  • the highs and lows of social media: an evolving relationship
  • handling influence and negative comments
  • putting yourself out there and being vulnerable
  • pulling back from social media for mental health
  • personalized nutrition
  • the why behind food and our related emotions
  • improving performance and health through nutrition
  • having fun with food
  • going after your potential with self-love and acceptance
  • different types of “hard”

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