About this episode

This week’s guest is Kyle Robidoux.

Kyle is an avid skier, runner, local beer enthusiast, and non-profit manager who has worked tirelessly to ensure that he is not defined by the boundaries that others place on him and his vision. 

Later this month, Kyle will be the first visually impaired athlete to race the Western States 100 miler… while having a visual field of about 2-5% of what a normal eye would see. 

In this week’s podcast, Kyle and I talked about his experience as a visually impaired athlete and what motivates him to explore his limits both on the roads and on trails. 

We talked about what got him into running, and why he continues to do it. Kyle’s no excuses approach is pretty awesome and I’m excited to follow along with his journey from Squaw to Auburn in just a few weeks!

You can find Kyle on Twitter at @kylerobidoux and on Instagram at @blindbeerrunner

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