About this episode

Jess Broderick is a runner, family girl, very passionate friend and a coach. Without any of those labels, Jess defines herself as “joy”.

In this episode we talk about:

  • choosing joyful places and settling in Boulder
  • Jess’s professional triathlete career
  • helping other people achieve their goals
  • mental health in athletics
  • taking a step back from sport to prioritize mental health
  • finding fulfilment
  • retiring from elite athletics
  • coaching and giving back to the community
  • team success outweighing individual glory
  • the impact of different stresses on running
  • dealing with loss and heavy emotions
  • doing hard things and preserving through the lows
  • being vulnerable and leaning on support
  • running for more than PRs and fast times
  • learning from the struggle
  • putting yourself out there and taking risks
  • valuing relationships
  • dreaming bigger and the influence of the people around you

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