About this episode

Jake Tuber returns for round two! Jake is a dad, husband, guy in his mid-30s,  doctoral candidate and professor, founder of Endeavorun, injured runner and self-described overly sarcastic/ serious goofball.

In this episode we talk about:

  • Endeavorun, a training retreat for everyday athletes
  • the corkscrew of life
  • failing forward and spiralling upwards
  • the progression-plateau cycle of training and life
  • learning from injuries
  • the role of coaches to facilitate athletes’ transformations
  • the mental side of running
  • unpacking the running identity
  • life and death on the run
  • peak performance psychology
  • pacing and mid-race self talk
  • managing adversity and negative thoughts
  • psychological strategies for running success
  • chunking up races and training
  • reframing expectations
  • preparing for race day in training
  • pre-race anxiety types: levellers and sharpeners
  • personalized help to improve performance at Endeavorun
  • upcoming Endeavorun Retreat in Austin in February

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