About this episode

Dean Karnazes is a lifelong runner, author and explorer of all 7 continents.

In this episode we talk about:

  • running through all different life stages
  • running being fate
  • magic in misery and struggle
  • finding ultra running in the 1990s
  • a 30 year evolution of trail and ultra running
  • racing to explore rather than to win
  • adventures on foot and around the world
  • 300+ marathons, 48hours on a treadmill and more epic endurance feats
  • the mental hurdle and finding flow
  • staying engaged and taking in the scenery
  • being uncomfortable yet persisting
  • longevity and relevance in the running world
  • success being fulfilling potential
  • staying curious and moving forward
  • making a lasting impact on the world
  • being a better animal

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