About this episode

Courtney Frerichs is a perfectionist by nature, a professional runner for Nike Bowerman Track Club and Olympic silver medallist in the steeplechase.

In this episode we talk about:

  • running for something bigger than yourself
  • being part of a team
  • keeping training fun
  • the importance of process and non-performance related goals
  • executing the present moment
  • consistency and staying healthy
  • reaching out and seeking professional help
  • normalizing therapy and mental work
  • dealing with pressure, perfectionism, panic and anxiety
  • mental growth preceding physical growth
  • addressing mental and physical injuries
  • specific mindset strategies to improve performance
  • belonging on the track
  • Courtney’s roller-coaster road to the 2021 Olympic Games
  • being your best self
  • taking risks and putting yourself out there
  • mental prehab: being proactive rather than reactive  
  • constantly being a work in progress
  • the importance of nutrition and taking care of yourself

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Episode cover photo: Cortney White

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