About this episode

This week’s guest is Corrine Malcolm.

Corrine is an ultra runner, coach, writer and scientist with a degree in Health and Human Performance, living in San Francisco, California. 

We sat down to chat about all things ultra running and science, and this one had a lot of tangible takeaways for athletes, particularly heading into the summer. We talked about heat and altitude, as well as what got her into high performance sport as both an athlete and on the scientific side of things. 

Corrine was training for nordic skiing at the Olympic level, and talked about how she was overtrained during the 2010-2012 Olympic Cycle in biathlon and found the trails and mountains and hasn’t looked back.

We talked about how to find joy in the day to day, how to reframe discomfort as something productive, and so much more. Enjoy!

Corrine runs for Adidas Terrex, InsideTracker, coaches for TrainRight, and writes for iRunFar.

You can find Corrine on Twitter and Instagram at @corrinemalcolm.

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