About this episode

Roberta Groner is a mother, nurse, and runner who loves to challenge herself in all aspects of life.

In this episode we talk about:

  • getting into running for the challenges and friendships
  • shifting from high school miler to masters marathoner
  • rediscovering running in adulthood
  • crazy progressions later in life
  • balancing different hats
  • chasing World Records
  • playing the long game and loving the process
  • being a single mom
  • prioritizing family vs all in on running
  • consistent routines in running and life
  • “oh sh*t” moment when life happens
  • reaching new limits and setting personal bests as a masters runner
  • staying present and giving your best today
  • ultra running and new challenges
  • ultra training in cities without trail access
  • shifting mindsets and goals throughout life
  • mind games in tough moments
  • the closeness of the running community
  • taking risks and having no regrets
  • doing the hard right not the easy wrong

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