About this episode

Will Bodewes is a generalist with a wealth of experience despite being only 24.  Will was a Division 1 cross country skier before starting his own  business, and he continues to explore his limits in endurance sports.

In this episode we talk about:

  • the crossover between entrepreneurship and endurance sports
  • learning from failures
  • problem solving in business and sports
  • starting his own audio company: Spoke Sounds
  • growing up as a competitive skier
  • competing with yourself
  • choosing to endure and chasing limits
  • ultra challenges and sleep deprivation
  • being fuelled by curiosity
  • joy in the process of chasing goals
  • not being defined by results
  • doing epic endurance challenges as a child
  • mountain biking for days
  • using athletics to manage ADHD
  • finding groundedness and focus in sports

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