About this episode

Bertrand describes himself as the happiest version of himself at this moment in time. He is a former hotel executive who got into running later in life. Coach B is a father, brother, son, eldest of 6, full-time run coach and 64x marathoner!

In this episode we talk about:

  • being humbled and appreciating the challenge of running
  • getting hooked on running and race celebrations
  • everyone has a unique and beautiful journey
  • being your personal best self
  • finding your why for training and racing
  • social running and prioritizing fun
  • taking the leap from corporate America to becoming Coach B full-time
  • finding your true purpose and trusting your intuition
  • the coach-athlete relationship
  • consistently leveling up as we age
  • happiness and intangible measures of success
  • running as a team sport
  • seeking out adversity and silver linings
  • Endeavorun running retreat
  • representation in the running/ coaching community
  • the impact/ influence of coaches
  • relatable role models

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Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/forthelongrun/support