About this episode

Clare is a highly passionate person, enthusiastic about all she does.

In this episode we talk about:

  • her family history in distance running
  • starting running as an adult through couch-to-5km …then couch-to-ultra
  • not giving up despite failures and challenges
  • finding ultra marathons and the trail running community
  • running into the unknown 
  • racing without expectations or limitations 
  • fuelling mistakes 
  • getting into Western States first time in the lottery 
  • the pressure of running Western States 100 miler
  • mental and physical preparation for ultras 
  • sharing the suffering
  • choosing to do hard things
  • showing resilience through running and not giving up
  • choosing goals you’re really passionate about
  • the mental side of ultras and running alone
  • being curious about the unknown 
  • building confidence and self-worth 
  • social media and having an online presence 
  • relationships born through moving, sweating, and suffering with others  
  • volunteering and pacing at races
  • practicing gratitude and reflecting on progress

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