About this episode

Andy is a pro trail runner who lives in Boulder, Colorado. He is a former middle school math teacher passionate about giving back to the world of trail running.

In this episode we talk about:

  • shorter distance trail races being cool too!
  • respecting the easy runs
  • the Trail Team
  • balancing both trail and road running
  • the role of media and sponsorship in trail running
  • finding fulfillment: intrinsic motivation above winning and money

Check out The Trail Team online at https://www.trail-team.com/

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Microcosm Coaching

This show is proudly sponsored by Microcosm Coaching. What I love about their style is that it’s coaching the human who runs, not the runner who “humans.” I’ve done a handful of group runs with their crew, and am good friends with several of their coaches and dietitians.

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The team at For The Long Run is super proud to share that we will be sponsoring the live race coverage of the Bandera 100k, happening on Saturday January 7th. Tune in to see several prior guests racing 100k in the desert, and hear from Jonathan on the broadcast!

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