About this episode

Magda Boulet is the VP of Innovation at GU Energy Labs and runs for Hoka. She has many podiums and race wins to her name, including the prestigious Western States 100, and she’s also a US Olympian in the marathon.

In today’s episode we talked about how Magda got her job at GU nearly 20 years ago, and how things have changed since then. We also talked about GU’s partnership with InsideTracker, and how Magda and her team have used a science based approach when it comes to product innovation. Magda clearly loves the running community, and what got her out the door the first time was simple: to make friends.

Magda shared some tips on how to manage a busy career alongside her training and family life, as well as what gets her excited when it comes to training, travel, and racing.

What Magda seems to have the most pride in talking about is how she is able to inspire other runners as well as her son Owen to see that anything truly is possible, and that dreams are certainly worth chasing, no matter how big they are. 

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