About this episode

This week’s podcast is with Mario Fraioli. Mario is a coach and very solid runner himself, living in Northern California.

In this episode, we talked about:

  • the state of affairs in running
  • how Mario thinks we can all help turn the tide for the better
  • mental health and Mario’s experience with an eating disorder as a younger runner
  • the guidance he has for other coaches and athletes.
  • how Mario has seen the running industry change over the years.
  • coaching an athlete through different parts of their journey, including through injuries and the offseason.
  • predictions for TNF, and Mario was pretty spot on
  • Mario’s podcast, The Morning Shakeout

and much more! You can follow along at instagram.com/mariofraioli and twitter.com/mariofraioli. Mario’s podcast is called The Morning Shakeout, and it’s awesome!

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