About this episode

This week’s podcast is with Keely Henninger. Keely is a trail runner living in Portland, Oregon who runs for Nike Trail and works as a biomechanics researcher.

This was a shorter episode, as our coach David and his wife Megan (and their dog Addie) showed up for a pre-TNF meet up, and we’ll hopefully record another (and longer) episode in 2020!

In this episode we talked about:

  • the journey and ups and downs
  • coming back from a big injury
  • lessons learned as a result
  • health and nutrition
  • the definition of good health
  • nutrition and the importance of a personalized diet
  • what Keely learned from working with GU and InsideTracker about her own personal dietary needs
  • much more!

Follow Keely’s adventures at instagram.com/runwidkeel and twitter.com/runwidkeel

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