About this episode

This week’s guest is Jesse Thomas. Jesse is the CEO and co-founder of PickyBars, a professional triathlete, husband, father, and so much more.

In this week’s episode, we talked about:

  • balance with Work, Play, and Love, which is the name of the podcast he co-hosts with his wife, Lauren Fleshman -“graduating” from life as a pro triathlete into full time with PickyBars as CEO
  • struggles with PickBars, and choosing to be open about it
  • struggling (and mental health in general)
  • athletic goals going forward
  • social media use as a pro, and primary marketing driver for PickyBars
  • adventure racing
  • life in Bend
  • much more!

Follow along with Jesse’s adventures at www.instagram.com/jessemthomas, twitter.com/jessemthomas, and PickyBars.com!

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I’ve been a member of their monthly club subscription for years now. I have a bar before all my weekday runs, and enjoy their oatmeal before long runs… both are so easy on the road.

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