About this episode

This episode’s guest is Ladia Albertson-Junkans. 

Ladia works in health research, and is known for her incredible energy and positivity on the roads and trails. 

This episode started off stronger than most, and we dove right into it. Ladia is a good friend and helped me through some of the hardest weeks of my life as I went through my first experience with loss.

We talked about that, and much more:

  • running on Hope
  • Gabe Grunewald and the relationship Ladia had (and still has) with Gabe
  • Justin Grunewald and their relationship
  • running Western States 2019 and what that was like
  • running Boston 2019 and her incredible experience
  • her growth as a runner
  • experiences with loss, grief, and joy
  • why pain can be gift and blessing in the presence of loss
  • bravery

and so much more. I hope you enjoy this one. I sure did.

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