About this episode

This episode’s guest is Ben Bruce. 

Ben is a coach, professional runner, father, husband, and much more. We recorded this episode back in Flagstaff in October, so it’s free of any coronavirus talk!

In this episode, we did talk about:

  • balance
  • HOKA NAZ Elite and working with Ben Rosario
  • coaching taking a bigger role
  • how he’s able to keep up with his own fitness
  • racing a 2:26 marathon as a pacer while preparing for a 10k on the track
  • his streak of USA Championships
  • how his goals have shifted as part of #TeamBruce
  • his wife Steph Bruce and how Ben is a major part of her training
  • breaking down the 2019 Chicago Marathon
  • training in Flagstaff and what it means to Ben
  • focusing on the process
  • what’s ahead

and much more! Enjoy!

You can follow along with Ben’s adventures at https://www.instagram.com/bbjamin15/ and https://twitter.com/bbjamin

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