About this episode

This episode is with Rebecca Mehra. Rebecca is a professional track and field athlete on Little Wing Athletics, public policy nerd who works for the mayor of Bend, Oregon.

In this episode we talked about:

  • women supporting women
  • being supported by Oiselle
  • training with Little Wing Athletics and having Lauren Fleshman as her coach
  • improving as an athlete and a person
  • focusing on mental strength
  • public policy
  • social media as a professional athlete
  • struggle with burnout
  • team experiences in college and pro athletics
  • her evolving Why
  • going viral
  • how nutrition and blood analysis has played a role in her progress and how it helps her stay healthy
  • her favorite distance
  • using comparison in a healthy way
  • and more!

Follow along with Rebecca’s adventures at instagram.com/rebecca_mehra and twitter.com/rebecca_mehra

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