About this episode

This episode is with Hillary Allen, a self described super curious science nerd constantly looking for bugs and asking the question Why?

She’s also a professional trail and ultra runner for The North Face, a coach and podcaster herself.

In this episode, we talked about:

  • the initial interest in this podcast
  • science
  • disassociating her sense of self-worth with her status as an athlete
  • her community
  • why she got into running
  • what she likes about long distance running
  • her own Why and how it has shifted
  • setbacks and injuries
  • the injury recovery process
  • progress and consistency
  • injury recovery alongside Rob Krar
  • podcasting and coaching 
  • and much more!

Follow along with Hillary’s adventures at www.instagram.com/hillygoat_climbs and www.twitter.com/hillygoatclimbs

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