About this episode

This episode is with Erin Fredrickson. Erin’s a DO, MPH, and Raleigh Distance Project alumni (and co-founder), now living in Seattle, WA.

In this episode, we talked about:

  • identity as a runner and more
  • getting into healthcare in the time of coronavirus
  • why she considers herself a leader
  • Raleigh Distance Project and what it means to her
  • what she learned from a time that might’ve otherwise been considered a failure
  • moving during a global pandemic
  • becoming a family physician during said pandemic
  • the power of community -“the marathon doesn’t owe you anything”
  • and much more!

Follow along with Erin’s adventures at /www.instagram.com/eeclark3/ and https://twitter.com/eeclark3

The blog that she referenced can be found at https://raleighdistanceproject.org/blog/kym33hbh4wsnwcmcnxk8zhc3htks32

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